Hjupter Cerrud

Hi, my name is

Hjupter Cerrud

Senior Game Engineer

I’m a full stack senior software engineer specializing in building games.

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Based in Panama 🇵🇦

About Me

With over 19 years in game development, I have developed a strong foundation in technologies like Unity, C# and web development, with a particular focus on multiplayer games.

Hjupter Cerrud at the Pisa tower in Italy

My career began in Panama as a web designer. As the industry shifted away from Flash, I embraced Unity in 2006 and have since become deeply proficient in it. This transition marked my expansion into various aspects of game and web development, including backend, frontend, and dev ops.

As a Unity Asset Store publisher and avid gamer, I’m focused on crafting immersive games and pursuing new frontiers in interactive entertainment. My work is fueled by a passion for coding and a relentless pursuit of innovation. This dedication shapes my professional journey in the dynamic field of game development.

Some Things I’ve Built


Some of the projects that I’m allowed to show here.

View Club EternalClub Eternal

Club Eternal

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View LootlockerLootlocker


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View Photon MeleePhoton Melee

Photon Melee

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View Photon AbilitiesPhoton Abilities

Photon Abilities

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View Photon StatsPhoton Stats

Photon Stats

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View Border PatrolBorder Patrol

Border Patrol

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View Photon InventoryPhoton Inventory

Photon Inventory

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View State MachineState Machine

State Machine

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View BraverzBraverz


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View MuzarcadeMuzarcade


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View Photon ModulePhoton Module

Photon Module

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View Astro BloodAstro Blood

Astro Blood

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View Knights AscendKnights Ascend

Knights Ascend

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View WindwardWindward


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View Infested LandInfested Land

Infested Land

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View Ninja PvpNinja Pvp

Ninja Pvp

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What's next?

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